Pre-construction Design Reviews.


We review and analyze projects at the pre-construction or design stage enabling us to advise our clients that FM best practice is followed and is then built in to the project. ‘FM at the design stage will add value to the facility by ensuring less ‘rework’, emphasizing value for money, efficient control of the supply chain and team work’

We assist our clients to:

  • Understand where facilities management impacts on the design and construction process
  • how facilities management creates value added to the facility by users and occupants of the constructed facilities
  • how the use of facilities management during the design construction process can lead to gains,
  • saving in cost and time and less failure in constructed facilities.
  • The impact or the role of facilities management in the success of the built environment

Our Consultants are experts in works to existing property assets, including:

  • Additions alterations
  • Move Management
  • Modifications/Re-design
  • Refurbishment
  • Space planning
  • Building re-stacks